Dedicated Development Teams

Best Solution

This model is practically tailored for fast, innovative businesses which constantly seek perfection, thus improving and creating new services and products. Teams are completely customizable and you will only pay for people you truly require. You may easily maintain a solid grip on overall project management, or you can hire one from us, if you wish to. Despite such downfalls as a variable budget and greater management and collaboration necessities, a Dedicated Team may achieve miracles if wisely chosen for a proper project. You can launch development head on before requirements are complete, you can change, customize, deliver new value and functionality based on actual feedback and maintain products with ease due to the fact that same people who were responsible for every bite of code will be supporting it. If you consider agile software development, a Dedicated Team would perfectly fit your needs in flexibility, professionalism and proper equipment.


You are not set on building a software department, but need tech talent fully dedicated to your needs? Amco IT Systems offers full-fledged, rigorously set up and efficiently managed dedicated teams for end-to-end coverage of your technology-driven needs. We leave it to the Customer to determine the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement, while ensuring full visibility into the project progress.


A client-managed dedicated team is the perfect solution when your ongoing project experiences ad hoc demand in extra resources, new technologies or domain-specific expertise. Led by a project manager on your side, Amco dedicated specialists will essentially, consistently and cost effectively fill the gaps in your project needs, demonstrating masterly alignment with the established processes and procedures.

Typical Engagements

Technology Solutions to Business Problems

With ongoing software development needs, a dedicated development, QA or tech support team gives businesses carte blanch to shift priorities and introduce changes to the initial scope. Amco IT Systems takes responsibility to monitor team productivity against predefined KPIs, ensure most efficient team operation and cost-effective delivery.

Outsourced Product Development

We have extensive experience setting up dedicated product development teams and product development ecosystems for high-tech companies, ISVs and tech startups. Our overarching principle is to fit together experts with the highest degree of the technological and domain expertise required to bring your technology product to success.

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